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Let's make more Predator's Portrait songs! - 30%

Mushypeawarrior, February 15th, 2007

To be honest, this was the second Soilwork album I heard and I was fine with it, I thought I'd found this bands style of music. But after hearing Natural Born Chaos and Figure Number Five, the change graph has confused me. Stabbing The Drama seems like it should've come just before Natural Born Chaos, because it sounds almost exactly like a turning point between that album and A Predators Portrait.

The reason I'm giving this album 30%, is because Soilwork have proved something. They've proved that they lack ideas and that they aren't sure how to please the fans. Yup, this album is just for the fans and the money. It sounds like they've looked back and usd some riffs that they didn't use when constructing APP, in fact, possibly whole songs. The drumwork has been heightened, the guitar work has been heightened, everything has been notably reverted. It's like the rollback option when you uninstall Windows Media Player.

Some people might wonder why I have such a big problem with this, since I liked A Predators Portrait so much and why I gave it less marks than I gave that album. The reason is that the album stagnates in the same way that APP did, but the stagnation starts earlier. It has two killer songs to start the album off, the title track, which has an awesome riff at the beginning, and One With The Flies, which merges melody with brutality for a surprising effect. After those two, BAM! Everything is the same quality as APP from "Structure Divine" onwards.

Also, in the same way, APP's title track kind of brought back the metal to the album for a bit, but a tad too late. Surprise surprise, it's EXACTLY 4 tracks away from the stagnation point, and so was APP's title track. If that's not a sign then by damn is it one hell of a coincidence.

If they merged the first two tracks of this album with APP and kicked out Shadowchild and Structure Divine, that would be the album Soilwork is looking for. But the only problem is, after coming up with 2 or 3 awesome songs, they get far too hopeful about an album and just rush through the other tracks, and it's because of this that the band is taking an even lamer route than Metallica took down the spiralling road of dying musicianship.