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One of the worst albums ever recorded. - 10%

MinaseTaki, March 30th, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if Soilwork actually realise just how low they've been falling since the release of Natural Born Chaos back in 2002. They've dumbed down their performance and taken influences from American mallcore, and the saddest thing of all is that they actually believe they're still a metal band. Sweden's elite metal force. This band is a fucking joke.

Stabbing the Drama is everything metal shouldn't be. Simple, mediocre songs based on soft-loud dynamics reminiscent of Nirvana, ridiculously studio-enhanced clean vocal parts and stupid-ass nu metal riffage are some of the pathetic characteristics that define this diarrhea mess. The drums sound so artificial, and Speed's vocals are just plain terrible. He no longer delivers high-pitched shrieks like he used to do in TCM and APP; he simply sounds like an American hardcore screamer. Everything about this album is absolutely lame.

The main problem is that the guitar is so poor. No memorable riffs, no creative solos, the guitars only serve as a support for the vocals, when it should be the other way around. That is something I have no tolerance for - the guitar work should be the main focus of any metal album, period. The only reason I'm not giving this album a 0% is that Blind Eye Halo has some decent drumming at the beginning, but that's it. Everything else is pure ass.

So there you have it; one of the worst albums ever recorded. It's basically pop music disguised as American alt metal. The worst thing of all is that the majority of Soilwork's fanbase actually prefers their newer records, which is way beyond me.

Stay away from this horrible piece of shit. If you ever see a copy, smash it with the hammer, until every fragment is so small that's invisible.

Fuck Soilwork.