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Stabbing is not enough.. - 55%

Lisra, April 19th, 2009

.. you have to shot the fuck as well. The fuck in this case is the boring mess that was Figure Number Five, an astonishing collection of one song repeated a dozen times and no interesting moment whatsoever.

See, a Gothenburg band needs something special. In Flames has more hooks than.. something with a lot of hooks, Dark Tranquility tries to be prog, Scar Symmetry had the wonderful growl of Christian Ãlvestam, At The Gates had its nasty shrieker, Arch Enemy the shredding of the Amotts.. but what exactly does Soilwork have? I haven't found out yet. While the musicianship is competent all-round, and it is by no means bad its bland, unmemorable and insanely trying to be background music.
The much hated Reroute To Remain hat more than half a dozen songs that stuck in your head, Stabbing The Drama has none. While the feeling of "isn't this still the same song?" is gone a constant nagging hint of "haven't I heard this somewhere before?" stays.

The guitars sound modern and artificially thick, which will have traditionalists puking blood and everyone else shrug, because it isn't obnoxious. They play.. well, Gothenburg riffs. With melodies on top. Because its a Gothenburg band. t just fails to be really memorable and feels overused. Apparently Soilwork felt the same because a good part of the guitar work is.. brace yourself.. metalcore chugging. So its a blend of slightly better riffs than on Figure Number Five and metalcore chugging - Come Clarity by their buddies In Flames comes to mind - with solos. Yes, unlike In Flames there are quite a lot of solos present. I just can't remember any of them, so they might as well not be there.

I could go on describing bass, drums and vocals, but really it is just the same as before. Nothing has really changed, the drummer is still ok, the bass uninteresting and Speed makes the best of his vocal abilities. If you know Soilwork, you'll know how it sounds. And I don't think anyone else but fans should listen to this. There's better Melodeath out there, both in the harsh and radio-friendly direction. Go and find them, and let Stabbing The Drama on the shelf.

Listening experience is like drinking stale tab water. It sloshes the thirst but.. you know. Go and get a drink you like instead.