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New Change Of Direction - 85%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, February 23rd, 2005

Finally, arriving in the inbox was the one promo CD that all the other metal DJs practically creamed themselves over. The two track sampler simply wasn't enough, and it was about damned time this released showed, even if the version here is censored for radio airplay.

Anyhow, everything I have read bashing Soilwork is in comparison primarily to Figure Number Five and Natural Born Chaos. Those are the obvous idiots who have only heard those two and feel that is their "sound". Thanks to the faltering suckcess (heh, impressive word, isn't it?) of Figure Number Five, the band decided to try to reinvent themselves once again, but not into something new. They went back to the style that adorned their Chainheart Machine album, but still keeping hold of some melody.

Many of those who bash this album only listened to the promo two song sampler, or to a few moments of a song, only sampling each off the album, according to many reviewers later on. The fact of the matter is that the band has progressed into a melodic act that can serious destroy any other band, quite possibly In Flames with their pedastols and torches held high. The music is simply fast, catchy, and brutal at times. The vocals are absolutely amazing, ranging from screams to singing (and yes, singing is allowed in a MELODIC act. If everyone sounded like Dark Tranquility metal would be boring), with some pretty impressive lyrics thrown in as well.

Sure Stabbing The Drama isn't the best album compared to their earlier releases, but it can definately hold a torch to them atleast with some of the tracks (i.e.: "One With The Flies"), and is definately their best release in the past couple of years. Those who haven't been fans from the start definately won't like it, and if you though Figure Number Five was the greatest album ever created, then you should just shoot yourself point black with a 9mm if you think you'll like this one. Soilwork isn't nu-metal. They are "gothenburg", and are one of the best...with the two blemishes prior to this release stricken from the record, of course...