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Not perfect but enjoyable... - 70%

mrsbrightside, December 22nd, 2006

This CD contains 2 songs. My personal favourite is “Rejection Role”. It has a good rhythm and really fits into the album “Figure Number Five”. It´s a really powerful song but also has it´s calm and peaceful moments without a lot of instruments playing. Also Sid´s voice shows to advantage and especially the clean parts really make the song a lot more serious and even more powerful, which I have to admit, is a bit suprising. Normally the clean vocals in Soilwork songs can cause a lack of aggression and sometimes even bring down the strong rhythm and instrumental action. And especially the guitarsolo is a very instrumental highlight in this song.

The lyrics of “Rejection Role” are really to think about and just something else from what I´ve heard so far.

There is just one problem with the song, which gets on my nerves. Why are they using synths all the time? That already seems to be the biggest problem in my eyes, because almost every song is ruined by these computer-made sounds and it seems, they can´t live without it!

The 2nd song on the “single” CD is “Departure Plan”, which is also not bad but it doesn´t have that special note on it. It is a bit slower than the usual Soilwork song but the guitar still plays a big role here. In this song almost only clean vocals are used, and in this case, it makes the song a bit boring.

It is a very good CD and especially “Rejection Role” has become one of my favourite Soilwork songs and a fan of the band will have no problem or complaints when it comes to these songs.