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I'd rather have catchy songs than non-catchy... - 14%

NocturneFreeze, August 12th, 2008

Especially when it falls under the category of commercial melodic death metal. It's just horrible to not have any action going through the songs. The verses are just the wait for the chorus to shine. But if the chorus itself is just as boring as the verse, there will be the eternal wait for something to happen. Mainstream melodic death metal is supposed to be catchy and have great melodic lines throughout the songs. Figure Number Five, however, hasn't got it.

It's easy to dissect the songs, because every song is the Fucking same. The song either starts with an electronic effect or the band instantly kicking in. After that a horrible groove riff comes up with no melody whatsoever. The chorus (or in some cases also the pre-chorus) are usually the melodic vocal lines with underlying power chords. Everytime the fucking same thing. There are no guitar leads bands use like At the Gates, Insomnium or In Flames.

There are a few moments of joy, very scarce, and obviously only in the choruses. The melodic vocal lines of Light the Torch are pure bliss, although they are raped by the screaming after that (Speed, you suck at it). Distortion Sleep, Overload and Downfall 24 have decent vocal melodies (again, those are the only melodies in the song).

You'd do well to not buy this mallcore laden crap, hell some mallcore is even better. The same elements are being used as in bands like Slipknot or Papa Roach, except these guys suck even more.

On a side note, my ears started to bleed when I listened to Brickwalker, isn't that just the weirdest thing ever?