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this record kicks ass... - 50%

planiol, May 19th, 2009

...if you only listen to Side A.

Side A is Soilent Green. The best way I can describe their style is schizophrenic metal. This song is all over the place. They don’t play the same beat for more than 10 seconds at a time. I like this type of stuff in small doses, such as here where it is only one song. There are parts that sound like grindcore, and parts that sound like doom metal, and pretty much anything in between. Most of this song is fast paced, punk beats and blasts beats in different parts. Then all of sudden a fucking heavy part happens, and it makes you want to headbang. The heavy section has a cool riff that has the typical Louisiana sound to it, if you know what I mean (like Crowbar, downtuned, “sludge” metal). Ben’s vocals are harsh and in your face. This song is fun and intense.

If you flip the record over (not recommended by me), you will hear Louisiana sludge metal legends Eyehategod. This band, along with Crowbar and Soilent Green to name some, are considered pioneers of the Southern Louisiana sound in metal. It’s a typically down tuned, bluesy, heavy sound, with a big influence from early Black Sabbath. For those who are not familiar with that style, I recommend checking out anything by Crowbar.

The best way for me to describe Eyehategod’s sound is this: It sounds like some junkies in a garage, ripping off Black Sabbath, with really bad vocals. Most of their stuff that I have heard contains some pretty cool Sabbath sounding riffs, but the vocals always ruin it for me. It just sounds like an angry drunk yelling or screaming. There is nothing technical or flashy here. It sounds like a jam session.