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Sludgey grind! - 84%

zadsterboombox, January 29th, 2006

It's rare for bands to go through as much as Lousiana-based grinders Soilent Green have done. Not only was their bassist Scott Williams shot and killed in 2004, they were involved in a car aciident that left their vocalist Ben Falgoust having to relearn to walk, and recently it was announce that the band's ex-vocalist Glenn Rambo was discovered dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Little wonder that the music they make is as harsh as it is, a curious (yet when you consider it makes sense) mix of Crowbar-style sludge and good ol' grindcore. A massive groove runs throught the album, at times sounding almost Kyussian, andit's these moments that make Sewn Mouth Secrets so good. At a couple of points (the intor to Build Fear and Her Unsober Ways in particular) you'd swear you were listening to the Rolling Stones, so mellow they get before exploding into life with a twisted scream. The vocals vary between growls and shrieks, with the odd spoken-word piece to keep things experimental. As you'd expect, guitars are stoner-y in sound and go from thrash to doom riffs, definately more the latter than the former. No solos, unsurprisingly, if there's one thing that would improve the music it's the odd Floydian space-out to take it to the next level. However, Soilent Green have gone for hardcore agression over proggression, and in that respect it works fine. Oh, and don't run away just because I mentioned the "h" word - this is a long way from dull Hatebreed and its clones.
Overall, a solid release.