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\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ - 98%

Sportswear, March 11th, 2004

Wow, what a fucking great CD. I have been listening to it roughly since it came out in around late 1998, early 1999. The intro is quite eerie and psychotic. The first riff in "It Was Just An Accident" really doesn't give any evidence as to what you are in store for throughout, just a simple grind style riff. The drumming FUCKING brilliant, fast as fuck and the time changes are immense, put in place perfectly with the music. Yeah, the drummer knows when to blast like a mofo and when to stop, CLASS. This is top class musicianship. The guitar work is a combination of fast, but intelligent grind, with the odd hint of stoner/sludge/doom, with perfect groove and no nonsense. Also, the occasional cheeky jazz riff thrown in. As for the vocals, well, fucking outstanding, this guy has a low pitched voice, roaring powerfully. But then out of no where, it just turns into this high pitched, blood curdling scream/screech.
The intro of "Build Fear" is a delightful little blues melody with typical, smoky bar, fedora wearing, cigar smoking styled whispered/spoken vocals. This eventually drops into great vicious vocals and then insane, stop start blastbeats.
The next song just as fucking interesting, "Looking Through Nails". The breakdown a minute in, a somewhat interesting time changed, but crunchy breakdown. This song surprisingly doesn't use many (if any) blastbeats, which just totally fucking shows how intelligent and diverse this band are.
Fucking hell, the tempo changes and arrangement of this band is truly supreme. Everything just goes so well and they seem to know how to put everything together beautifully. The stoner parts being groovy as fuck, but soon mix in well with the brutal or insanely fast parts. With every song that comes on, I like this CD more and more. Such an interesting riff here, brilliant riff there, exceptional time changes over and over. "Openless", being a cool short song, with a lovely riff.
Ahh, the song "Sewn Mouth Secrets", starts up. "CLOOOSET MAAASTER, REVEEAAL YOURSELF. CLENCHING THE TRUTH IN YOUR THROAT, CHOOOKING ON AN ABUNDANCE OF LIIES, I'VE BROOOKEN IN DOWN, ONE MOORE TIME", truly nasty. Then ironically, drops into the grooviest part just over the minute mark. I mean, this song has it fucking all. Groove, doom, gloom, blasts, time changes, crunchy parts, brutality, fucking amazing lyrics. No wait, that's the LP throughout.
Great drum roll then blues/funk-esque baseline on the intro of "Emptiness Found", that drops into a fucking down tempo moody part that surely only makes you grin.
It's great that very rarely, you get a band that has an amazing set of string instrument players, brilliant vocalist and an expert drummer, but, it is even better if you have all this and they fit perfectly and they have the ability to write quite an exceptional CD, which is what you have here no doubt.
A quite Immaculate CD that I couldn't fault if I fucking tried. GO. FUCKING. GET!!