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fuckin crazy - 82%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

Few bands encapsulate the relapse aesthetic as well as Soilent mothafucking Green... these swamp-dudes mix rapid fire, violent grindcore with eyehategod style sludge, often times thrice in a 20 second span and emerge barely cohesive. Then again I doubt anybody listens to Soilent Green for sunny melodies and clever string arrangements. This is 33 minutes of noise, a fucking battering ram of brutality that will probably cause you permanent brain damage.

Their guitar tone is pretty nuts... its as raw as cattle hide. Put that over ridiculous blast beats and you have the formula for a beatdown. Ben Falgoust (COOLEST NAME EVER) shrieks like a savage wildebeast as the band blasts, stops for a second to catch its breath, blasts and blasts some fucking more. If you have high blood pressure, I suggest you leave Soilent Green alone and try some Moby.

Later Days is the only song that somewhat resembles a song... fading in with old school country and quickly descending to a maelstrom of sludge and fuzz. There aren't many breakdowns =( This makes me sad since I'm a gay hardcore kid and I love breakdowns. Oh well there is one in She Cheated on You Twice... If your thing is brutality Soilent Green will devour your soul and shit out the ashes.