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Well, everyone has to start somewhere - 60%

MasterM900, March 26th, 2008

Sodom, known by many as one of the greatest thrash bands ever. I don't deny any claims like that, but you wouldnt say that from this.

The demo sounds like a Slayer and Venom spawn. This isn't really a bad thing in some cases, or if used in a good way, but for this, it is. The instrumental work of Witching Metal is pretty good, if you could hear it. The vocals, sorry to say, suck. Although I am a fan of Venom-esque thrash, this displeases me, alot. It's hard to hear the drumming, and you cant really tell the difference between any riffs, except when they go from typical thrash, to Slayer-like thrash.

This onslaught of horrible production is a perfect example of what NOT to do with your demo. These guys have great talent, even this early in their career, but you can't tell. The atmosphere reminds me of a garage band, playing in their, what else, garage. The slight echo effect is really annoying, too.

Overall, Sodom's first demo earns 6/10, 60%. Don't try this if production matters. I do recommend it for a collection, however. The songs are all remade with better production on their next demo, Victims of Death. So if you MUST have these songs, but don't want the horrid production, just get Victims of Death.