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Painful - 10%

morbert, October 3rd, 2007

What we have here is a re-recording of the 1984 5 track EP ‘In The Sign Of Evil’ in the original line-up. Added to this are 7 songs (The Sin Of Sodom, Bloody Corpse, Sons Of Hell, Where Angels Die, Hatred Of The Gods, Ashes To Ashes, Defloration) which should have been released back in 1984, making this a full length album.

Sofar the idea is great! There’s only one big ‘but’ that ruins the whole concept for me. The drums. It sounds as if Chris Witchhunter hasn’t played drums for a long time and the tempi are rather pathetic at times. Whatever Angelripper and Grave Violator try and do, the slow version of for instance ‘Outbreak Of Evil’ is horribly harmless (especially when compared to the 1987 version found on the Persecution Mania CD).

Unfortunately there’s more wrong than just the slow tempo. Witchhunter just can’t keep the pace steady. The tempos fluctuate more than once in such amounts that it is really becoming painful. Even demo bands without triggering and quantising these days sound tighter than this.

To be honest it would have been better if this album was recorded with the current Sodom line-up or at least their current drummer Bobby Schottkowski.

The addition of those previously unreleased tracks is of course memorable but the best songs on this album are in fact the 5 songs that originally made it on the EP. Obviously these songs also have historical and sentimental value which gives them an extra impression of being the best songs.

So, even though we’re talking about the mighty Sodom here, I see no reason to spare them this review. The big ones can makes mistakes as well. This is one of them. I’ll give them 10 points for the effort and for releasing some obscure songs.