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It's obvious who's got tired - 60%

Human666, October 3rd, 2007

'Sodom' seems to be very active band currently. After their last year's kickass thrashing piece the band decided to rerecord their old material from 1984's 'In the Sign of Evil' along with unreleased material which had to be included in that EP. It was predictable that the "new" material won't be as good as the released one, and that's the true.

Tracks like 'Sons Of Hell' or 'Bloody Corpse' are quite decent, but they just lacks the intensity of classics as 'Blasphemer' and 'Outbreak Of Evil'. Actually, the whole album lacks some necessary intensity. The "new" material has some good moments but overall it doesn't manages to seriously kick ass, the riffing isn't sharp and accurate enough to stand among Sodom's classics and it could be very nice if the overall tempo of this album would be in 30BPM faster. This type of thrash should be played a lot faster than how it's executed here. Even the versions of the older classics are a bit more mid paced than the 84 version and sounds quite tired. The drumming is also kind of sloppy and low in the mix, the bass is inaudible but the guitars however got a nice harsh tone, though a bit more treble gain could give it a more solid tone.

Sometimes I wonder if the unreleased material was really written back then in 1984, it sounds quite restrained compared to 'In The Sign Of Evil' and feels mostly like fillers in a 'tribute to the old fans' release. Some moments here just sounds dull and not really at the same level of the classic era of the band.

Overall, this isn't a real interesting release. If you've already heard 'In the Sign of Evil' ep don't expect for a better or refreshing performance of that ep. The unreleased material is pretty lackluster and tiresome and the overall mood of this album is quite paced. However it's still not that bad that you must avoid it, but if you are not a die hard fan of 'Sodom', you can simply skip this album as you skipping sloopy horror movie's remakes, it's not something you'll want to watch anyway while there is a better version of it nearby.