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Raw Sodom - 90%

6black6label6, November 20th, 2007

It’s nice to hear a band that doesn't forget what made them what they are. Or what they themselves made. And Sodom's "The Final Sign of Evil" is a piece of total thrash. Even though this was re-recorded it sounds almost as raw as the "In the Sign of Evil" EP from almost 25 years ago. But thankfully it's better.

Throughout the album, there are good riffs bursting with pure thrash, but are not too devastatingly orgasmic like previous albums, drums that are a little off, but even on the EP, Witchhunter was occasionally caught napping. Onkel Tom is doing what he does best, writing good lyrics, and violently belting them out, while ripping his bass apart. It is also nice to see that Grave Violator can carry a tune, while maintaining a thrashy, Sodom feel. The re-recordings of "Outbreak Of Evil", "Sepulchral Voice", "Blasphemer", "Witching Metal" and "Burst Command Til War" seem better then the originals, quality wise anyway, along with new songs basically saying "This is Sodom, this is evil."

Getting back to the part of Angelripper, although this is not his greatest lyrical performance, they are still good, but not the best. But I have to hand it to a man who has kept this band going single-handedly, and then managed to reunite the original line-up, to release a near 25 year follow up to the band's first EP. It is clear that Angelripper made this album with the idea of reconnecting with the fans of yesterday, who fell in love with Sodom, and then fell away through the 90's.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with this album in my mind it has all the elements of a solid album, but it is certainly not the most spine busting Sodom release, especially in recent memory, with the line up of Bernemann, Bobby, and Angelripper. But all in all it is a solid, solid thrash release, and it is one that should be heard by any good Sodom fan. And this is Sodom, this is evil.