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Sodom - Can't Stop them! - 98%

darkreif, February 8th, 2007

Sodom has been consistent source of powerful and well-written thrash metal throughout their career. Their self-titled release is nothing but another chapter in their continuing journey towards creating a perfect thrash album. With revival releases in Code Red and M-16, thrash-goers saw Sodom push into a more modern sense of the music. The self-titled release even tops these two substantial albums.

Sodom is full of groove inspired thrash that continues to be heavy and fast but also reaches that “catchy” area of metal that is massively debated. Every song is very different sounding and a unique listen, but all the songs have a similar fashion so that the album has a cohesive nature to it. The guitars are heavy as hell and have a very menacing tinge to them. For a band with only one guitar player, the guitars are very full sounding and really help structure AND bridge sections of the music. Something that seems more “professional” bands have the ability to do. The drums are well thought out and avoid that metal cliché of double bass-ing the entire album. The bass is my one complaint (not writing-wise but production-wise) because it seems to be that the bass guitar is either too loud or melded with the guitar too much. Not a big deal as most of the time the bass guitar is a support unit for the rest of the music – I’m just being nitpicky because this album is so good.

As for Tom Angelripper’s vocals they are as sinister sounding as ever. Not quite as evil sounding as before (due to usually poor production values) but they are still in the realm of harsh thrash vocals. He even does a little variation (not that he was ever bad at doing that) and this is apparent even in the first song (Blood on Your Lips) when the first time a listener hears Tom, he is doing a whisper. Different – yes. Very cool – yes. Lyrically, Sodom are once again pulling in subjects of war and religion for the most part. There are times where they deviate to self-empowerment and violence in general (what metal band doesn’t nowadays?). The lyrics are still catchy (and fun to sing-a-long in public!) with that edge of intelligence that will make a listener think in the aftermath of listening to the album.

In the end, Sodom presents us with another brilliant thrash album. Generally, they have never presented us with a poor thrash album – but I believe that this self-titled release is one of the best that Sodom has ever released. It’s almost everything I expected and more. Sodom are going to have a tough time topping this album with their next.

Songs to check out: Blood on Your Lips, City of God, The Enemy Within.