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Greasy quarter pounder of thrash - 84%

violentrestitution, January 23rd, 2012

This release is one of the most badass, under produced, grimy as fuck recordings ever. Everything about it screams testosterone filled black/thrash madness. The second you put this in you feel dirty, you feel angry, and you want to bang your head and run wild.

Tracks like Proselytism Real, Pretenders of the Throne and Obsessed By Cruelty set the standard for late 80's thrash, not to say that the whole album isn't awesome, just picking out a few examples. The vocals on this are just awesome, they sound evil and angry without being cheesy or overdone, the reverb is perfect and when combined with the awesome guitar tone it sounds great, especially in slow parts like Witchhammer.

Fast parts are frequent, blast beats and fills left and right, constant riffs, screaming vocals etc. The solo's really add a nice touch too. People who complain about the production then maybe this just isn't there thing, but i'm a guy who loves sloppy furious metal, it just adds a whole new edge to the sound that really fits the style their going for.

Their previous releases were a bit more "black metal", they've moved on to a full fledged up your ass thrash sound similar to early kreator, with added black metal. Its great, works well. The drumming especially sounds great, its really easy to bob your head to and the snare sounds fantastic. As said before the fills are constant, more extreme for the time possibly, and everything just mixes nicely.

I usually don't really care about the lyrics, but this album has pretty memorable lyrics. Very anti-Christian, satanic, pretty funny and badass. For example:

7: Obsessed by Cruelty
With a frightful weight
Demolish christian stamped bodies
Their tears and blood of
Deception and insidiousness
Doze away to the ground
Smash of imperium of
uncontroled religous expansion

Fun to sing along to, but not everything is great though. The drums at times can be overwhelming and a little too abrasive especially the snare, the production can sometimes be too messy and can be annoying especially in the guitar tone.

but still, Obsessed by Cruelty is definitly something you should pickup if you are a fan of thrash metal, or black metal. If you want a real rush of adrenaline this is something to listen to. A very good start for Sodom.