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awsome thrash, shitty production - 69%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 19th, 2003

This album is decent in your face thrash metal. Sodom has been known to unleash great thrash riffs, unbelievably fast drumming and kick ass growly vocals. This album has all that and then less. There is one thing about this album that sucks, and that is the production. When I first put this album on I had to take it off and make sure my speakers were'nt blown. They weren't blown, but I came to the conclusion that this album has shitty production.

This album opens up with Death Like Silence, which sort of has an intro. It starts off with a horrible guitar solo and an out of tuned bass guitar intro, then... dead like silence ( no pun intended). It seems as though it was two songs, but only one. The rest of the album continues this shitty production. The guitars and bass are muffled, and the vocals are barely recognizable. Especially on the song Witchhammer, he sings so fast that he gets out of time with the other instruments.

If you can get past the poor production you will find a decent thrash album. Okay vocals that don't change much, unlike latter Sodom albums. Cool riffs, tow of my favorites coming fom Proselytism Real and After The Deluge. Even the bass makes up for the shitty intro with its own intro to Volcanic Slut. Awsome thrash, but piss poor quaility. It's like they recorded it in their basements! Sodom shoudl remaster this album!!!