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The world gets a little thrashier... - 89%

DeathsColdEmbrace, July 13th, 2004

Sodom loses alot of the black metal they had on their debut EP, and go for an all-out thrasher (with one major exception, more on that later) this time, and it's safe to say that their music is alot more enjoyable this way.

The mix is much more balanced than In the Sign of Evil, which helps alot. The riffs are alot thrashier and there is alot less tremolo riffage going on. I like the drumming alot more, because along with the power and speed, there is alot more going on with the cymbals. The bass doesn't sound as fuzzy and is actually discernable in the mix, which is awesome. The solos are also alot better phrased and sound alot cooler.

Tom got his vocals down a hell of alot better on this album, too. He is more understandable and commands alot more authority.

Highlights: Deathlike Sentence has an ass-kicking solo, and Pretenders to the Throne has a rollicking intro-riff.

Low points: Equinox is a totally boring turd of a song, and sometimes the guitar seems slightly out of tune.

One odd exception to the thrash: Witchhammer is almost full-blown black metal, but it's still an awesome song!

It's still not quite as enjoyable as some of Sodom's future albums (especially Agent Orange), but this should NOT be ignored by any self-respecting fan of thrash.