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More Thrash, Less Black/Death. - 86%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 6th, 2008

Obsessed By Cruelty signs a Sodom’s musical different approach respect the primordial EP In The Sign Of Evil. Sometimes, it’s almost astonishing how a band could improve its way of playing and creating songs. Well, at the end, Sodom are never been masters of techniques and virtuosos but this is another reason for which I like them. Actually, we are always stuck in the same putrid mud with their first full length effort, but everything sounds more thrash metal, losing a bit the black/death atmosphere.

Tom’s vocals are far thrasher here and the production is less obscure and sharper even if it’s not so good and powerful. The budget at the time was a bit low and that explains this poor but thrasher production. The riffs are more mature (if we can use this term for Sodom in 1986) and pure thrash metal with the predilection of palm muting instead of open chords riffage ala Hellhammer with punk influences like in the previous EP.

“Deathlike Silence” is truly famous among the Sodom’s songs, featuring a good refrain, while “Brandish The Sceptre” is remarkable for the restless drums-guitars work and the mid paced session in the middle. This one is something new for Sodom and here the show new skills and abilities in bringing this mid paced part in a growing speed to finish again in up tempo. “Proselytism Real” shows again good tempo changes in it and the whole song seems really more mature.

The solos on these songs are nothing special, being the classic furious shreds. It’s a pity that Sodom don’t play these songs in live gigs because they are very good and catchy, like the intro to “Equinox” that is very, very similar to “Show No Mercy” song by Slayer. Seems to me that the band (Tom Angelripper) has a bit forgotten this album, maybe because it’s a sort of starter-album before Persecution Mania and it was put out after a black/death milestone as In The Sign of Evil. Anyway, it’s a pity.

“Fall Of Majesty Town” is great for the epic/thrash riff at the beginning, recreating a doom and tragic atmosphere while the last “Pretenders To The Throne”, “Witchhammer” and “Volcanic Slut” are completely on up tempo showing some of the very first death metal influences. Overall, a very good piece of raw death/thrash that, musically, is a bit far from the EP not principally for the goodness of the songs, but mostly for the production and the new band’s direction.