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Classic Deutsch Thrash LIVE - 95%

corviderrant, April 18th, 2006

With a damn near perfect mix (the bass actually nearly drowns out the guitar for once during the verses & choruses, with the solos rising higher to be heard) and a good solid choice of material from all their releases at the time, Sodom showcased their tighter and more mature approach on this album in style.

The drums are loud and booming, and unfortunately this shows the time issues Chris Witchhunter often had with the rest of the band. He often rushes ahead of the rest of the band, making them sound more than a bit off-kilter at times. Other than that, his hard-hitting enthusiasm really carries the songs to a new level of power and aggression, and his drum solo in the middle of "Obsessed By Cruelty" is actually pretty damn good. Frank Blackfire's technical expertise also assists to this end, adding a more professional edge to their otherwise raw sound--his guitar solo section is pretty impressive. Tom, well, he sounds like Tom Angelripper, spitting his angry and venomous vocals over his "set controls to ANNIHILATE" fuzz bass to perfection.

As mentioned, a good variety of songs are covered, from opener "Persecution Mania" going right into "Outbreak of Evil", they cover the whole spectrum of what they'd done and remake those clunky and sloppy older songs like "Blasphemer" into roaring engines of destruction. The Motorhead cover of "Iron Fist" does feel a bit perfunctory, though, like it was tacked on for the hell of it. Coulda done with another original, thank you, boys. The audible chants of "Bombenhagel!!!" are finally rewarded, of course, with a ripping run-through of the song in question to end the set.

Perfect? No, not quite--the loose drumming and lazy Motorhead cover detract from this album. Other than that, this needs to be in your collection, and I don't normally endorse live albums by anybody. This is a perfect snapshot of where these seminal Deutsch thrashers were at this time and for that reason alone it needs to be in your home wrecking your speakers. Hunt it down, it will be worth your time and money.