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an uninspired wreck - 40%

UltraBoris, July 24th, 2004

Sodom have completely gone in the "Sodömhead" direction here, except completely lacking what makes Motorhead really fucking cool. This is pretty much a bad Pro-Pain album with a German accent. All the songs sound basically the same with very few exceptions, and the whole thing is marred by terrible production and mediocre songwriting.

The opener, "Masquerade in Blood" is a good representative of about 9 or 10 songs on this album, though it is slightly better in quality from the average. Angelripper's vocals, though, suck from the get go. The pronounciation is still a bit off ("highpocrites!"), but the menacing snarl is gone, replaced by a punkish bark.

The next song, "Gathering of Minds", has to be the most completely uninspired waste of time that Sodom has ever come up with. Single-note slow riffs under a designed Big Dumb Chorus... GATHERING! OF MINDS!!! - the ennui is overwhelming, and distressingly this is the second longest song on the album. The longest, "Scum", is also just about as worthless. The main riff is somewhat memorable in that Drunken "come back here, drink our beer" Wisdom sense, but when it is dragged into the ground without a good counterpoint, it gets pretty fucking terrible.

The rest? Well, there's about eight of the same song, from the German Version (Verrecke!) to the compact version (Mantelmann) to the extra long version (Fields of Honour). All are between 2 and 3.5 minutes long, and none have any distinguishing characteristics. This is pretty much a parody of Motorhead, and we ain't laughing.

There's an Anti-Nowhere League cover, which somehow lacks the snot-nosed malfeasance of the original, and is slightly more memorable in the uptempo rock 'n roll riffage, but pretty much other than that it fits right in with the insipidity.

Basically worthless. What the fuck is wrong with this band??