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The mega story of Ruhrpott - 99%

Sodomatic_Slaughter, January 9th, 2006

This DVD tells as the whole story of the most influential band from West Germany. We've got here in details the story from 1982 till 1995 spoken mainly by Angel Ripper with tons of photos (from school, work, first rehearsals, first long forgotten members like Frank Testegen or Rainer Focke), flyers, behind the scenes, live stuff etc. We can see here the views with ex-members like Witchhunter (a little bit drunken), Grave Violator (and his playing in the movie "Verlierer"), Brings, Hoffmann, Blackfire as also with Mille, produzent Harris Jones, SPV Boss Manfred Schutz, Bela B. (Die Arzte) whos telling us about the beginning of speed/thrash metal in Ruhrgebiet. Very, very exciting 3 hours for any true metal fan!

The rest are some video clips and live material from WOA, WWF, Sofia and Rock Hard. I think the live part is a little worthless 'coz we've got here only the live material from from last 10 years and that's why i give 99 points instead 100.