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Bastard - 72%

Felix 1666, January 13th, 2018

It was a pretty radical change in style that Sodom presented on "Get What You Deserved". Its predecessor had been a typical metal album. Moreover, its final track had been an epicly designed number with a duration of almost eight minutes. On the here reviewed work, Sodom press three tracks into eight minutes and "epic" is definitely not the right word to describe "Get What You Deserve". Anyway, please bear in mind that Sodom had already modified their style several times. The rumbling approach of the first outputs was banished by the technically precise "Expurse of Sodomy" EP and "Better Off Dead" was more moderate than "Agent Orange", to mention the probably most obvious examples.

Either way, Sodom serve a sixteen-course dinner whose main spice is punk. The main ingredients are still metallic, but chef Tom uses his mixed spices excessively. Okay, his voice sounds so familiar that it cannot be linked with punk. He celebrates a deep, slightly gruesome approach without any political ambitions if we leave aside "Silence Is Consent". But in terms of the instrumental content, tracks such as "Into Perdition", "Jesus Screamer", "Erwachet" or "Delight in Slaying" cannot hide the fact that the power of punk influenced the trio heavily. Melodies do not occur, who needs this bullshit? But high-speed drumming is essential! Atomic Steif, the successor of legendary Witchhunter (R.I.P.), works up to a sweat. His drum performance has much in common with high-performance sports. Did the snare survive the recordings? I don't think so.

Well, I like speedy songs, but I cannot say that I like each and every track of the here reviewed album. The balance isn't right. The total dedication to high velocity is at the expense of the necessary minimum of melodies. Brutality? Yes. Fast rhythms? Always. But don't forget the mix. This is not to say that the most extreme cuts of the album suck, but they leave room for improvement. The real killers of the album are the more metallic tracks where Sodom achieve a better balance between aggression and harmonic elements. "Sodomized" relies on a perfect flow, great verses, a catchy bridge and a minimalist yet concise chorus without neglecting the dogma of high speed. Not to mention "Silence Is Consent". The song is linked with the instrumental "Moby Dick". Its lyrics deal with whaling and Tom nails his colours to the mast. Pretty good lyrics, and the most intensive part of the song says it all: "Murderous, predatory, scrupulous: Scum".

The animal sounds in "Gomorrha" are a decent joke, but the fun song "Die stumme Ursel" has an amateurish design. It sounds like a harbinger of the dubious works of Onkel Tom and as mentioned before, the album holds more songs that do not leave a lasting impression on me. Thus, the pretty good and punchy production remains a marginal note and by the way, the rather ugly original artwork (it shows an almost naked fat, bloodstained guy on the bed and a masked girl in nylons who is bound) sucks. Punk was never the metier of Sodom and it is therefore only logical, that the bastard "Get What You Deserve" did not mark a new climax in the band's discography. Nevertheless, it is an acceptable work with a couple of very strong tracks. Check it out, but don't expect a masterpiece.