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Schrapnellmine - 85%

Tomek8754, September 13th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Steamhammer

After the excellently received album "Genesis XIX" (November 2020) German Sodomites return to sow destruction and conflagration. This time, however, they decided to use a smaller arsenal. "Bombenhagel" is a three-track EP, which comes both as a CD and a 140g 12" vinyl. Usually such releases are intended only for the most faithful fans of a given formation. But should all thrash metal fans pay attention to "Bombenhagel"?

It's hard to imagine a better beginning of the EP, because we start with a new version of the classic song from "Persecution Mania". If you're afraid that the old grandpas will run out of steam (after all, it's been 34 years since the premiere of the track!)... then think again. And hide in the shelter at once. Recorded with a new line-up, "Bombenhagel" is a real carpet-bombing: the bass intro is tearing flesh from bones, and the powerful first part will make You wonder if you've turned on a Marduk or Satyricon record. Angelripper sounds like a black metal vocalist, and the band itself plays decidedly heavier than on the 1987 album. Later on we go into more "traditional" tempos, and even get a guitar part from Harris Johns himself, but after a moment for breathe: no-holds-barred ride again. And so on, until the mocking medley of national anthems. A real bomb.

Sodom takes no prisoners: instead of healing the wounds - two more shots in the head! "Coup de Grace" is 100% Sodom in Sodom: strong, heavy and driven by cool riffs track. We have small changes of pace, a nice, noisy solo, and lyrics about the feeling accompanying the taking of someone's life. It's a good, dynamic track, which will surely will sound good live. The last composition on the release is "Pestiferous Posse", in which Sodom takes us to the times of... Wild West. Instead of war: a story about the most famous shooting in history - the exchange of fire in Tombstone. Low guitars, a cool, twisted, almost groove metal riff - this track certainly stands out on the EP. Just like in "Coup de Grace" there will be subtle changes of pace: once we'll be walking like Pantera, other time we'll be rushing at breakneck speed. And at the end we'll be hit by a great bass part. Yummy!

For the fans of Sodom the "Bombenhagel" EP is a must-have. A brilliant classic with a new line-up, two good, previously unknown numbers, and a great cover artwork - can you ask for anything more? To the remaining fans of Teutonic thrash metal I would recommend at least listening to the digital version of discussed release, because it shows that the titans of thrash still have a lot of strength. Their new EP is like a Bouncing Betty: it may look small, but it can still blow Your balls off.

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