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Ausgebombt! - 80%

Nhorf, November 24th, 2008

Nice little EP, containing three fine songs : the german version of “Ausgebombt”, out of Agent Orange, a live version of “Incest” and the NWOBHM's Tank cover “Don't Walk Away”. A fine and cheap little piece that will please everyone that wants an easy introduction to the legendary german thrash act Sodom.

“Ausgebombt (german version)” is a bit weaker than its english version, but it still is quite nice. The band shows their strong Motörhead influences on it, with the powerful bass riffs and the fantastic Angeripper's vocal approach. In fact, I'd dare to say that this tune is very influenced by the before-mentioned english act, but, in the end, it's better than every track that same act ever released. I've never heard a Motörhead song stronger than this one, really. That's how good “Ausgebombt” is: from the chorus to the stellar drumming, everything is perfect about this song. Simple but very very effective thrash here, indeed.

The other two songs are weaker but still worth listening. “Incest” is performed flawlessly, albeit a little bit faster than the studio version (which is a plus!) and “Don't Walk Away” is a very well done cover, similar to the one featured on Agent Orange . So, a good EP, perfect for all those who can't afford buying a full-length and still are interested in this band.