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Cleaned up Persecution Mania part 2 - 85%

morbert, September 10th, 2007

There wasn’t much progress except for the production and less raw vocals but god damn some of these songs were once again superb. Opening track ‘Agent Orange’ has become a real Sodom anthem. It is heavy, it is dynamic, it is fast and it is catchy. This my friends is a truly great thrash metal song.

Another reward must go to ‘Magic Dragon’ which appears to be a decent mid tempo pounder until it speeds up and reveals itself as a brilliant composition. ‘Remember The Fallen’ has never been my favourite (nor has any slow Sodom song) but it does have a positive effect on the album. A slow tune like this makes the other songs seem even faster and it is one of their best slow songs ever.

And you can’t go wrong with thrashers like ‘Incest’ and ‘Exhibition Bout’. Of course there is a Bombenhagel part 2, called ‘Ausgebombt’ (*). Just as entertaining really (and so would be ‘Stalinorgel’ as well a year later)

There’s nothing wrong with Agent Orange except for one thing: it’s not Persecution Mania.

(* anyone recall the media fairytale that Augbebombt was originally titles 'Türken Raus' ?)