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Agent Orange... Burn.... - 85%

avidmetal, December 15th, 2009

These guys certainly know how to make a thrash metal album, There are a plethora of great thrash riffs and breakdowns, A bit of variety, Even some melody and a cover of a song by a NWOBHM band. A solid thrash album. I am not a big fan of most german thrash metal bands, but Destruction and Sodom certainly have something the other germans don't, and That is a bit of variety. Persecusion Mania comes close but this takes the cake for being the best Sodom album, There simply is more substance to this than their other albums. This is as good as a teutonic thrash metal album can get.

The title track is a great thrash Metal track, Featuring some generic but still extremely solid riffs, A great change of pace in the middle, again nothing special, same formula used by many other bands, A solo accompanied by some really good drumming, Tom Angelripper's Vocals are a strong point, His accent is cheesy german english but you can make out his lyrics very well and he does deliver impact without just sounding funny. The tracks "Tired and red" and "Incest" have the same thing going for them, very good songs. "Remember the fallen" has much more focus on the lyrics, The guitarwork is slower, Angelripper's vocals are very catchy and atmospheric as he sings "Remember the Fallen", The album certainly follows a theme from start to end, The lyrics deal with military and horrors of war etc. The "Ausgebombt" track is a different kind of beast, More hardcore, but you can certainly hear some motorhead influences here, The Vocals are excellent and the track features a great solo towards the end. "Don't walk away" is a great cover of a song by one of my favorite bands, Tank, The cover stays loyal to the original and also adds a few sodom influences, Angelripper's germanish english vocals don't ruin the song, they make it even better. Drumming is extremely consistent right throught the album. The guitar play is dark but not as Dull as some of the other bands.

Agent orange is a solid Thrash metal album, It's far from perfect but it does not have many flaws, If you want to get into German thrash, I recommend this album along with Destruction's "Cracked brain", These are certainly two albums which helped me get into Teutonic thrash. Agent orange is a worthy piece in my collection.