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Sodom - Agent Orange - 100%

Orbitball, August 21st, 2013

Talk about thrash metal quality, intelligent, intense, aggressive, ever changing and original release here. A monumental one in all aspects. It shows some similarities to Kreator's "Coma of Souls", which is a definite one that is from another German descent, but Sodom rips it up here showing that they too can measure up to the genius syndrome. Riffs are fast, technical, intense and totally amazing. Too bad like other bands they just went downhill after their peak albums were delivered. I would think that bands would get even better and evolve rather than cop out and play things that they think listeners want to hear. I would say it's wrong to think that in music, but it happens so often.

Thrash metal bands like old Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Kreator, Sepultura and Sodom all reigned during an 80's minor 90's eras. A lot of them just lost it, but other bands like Destruction and even Kreator are belting out solid releases. Testament too, but Sodom's newer material isn't even close to being original like "Agent Orange" is. This band totally annihilates here, and to give a higher than 100% if it existed. You get rock solid production quality here and chunky guitar riffs that explode and also areas that are just groove based. So it's not entirely intense all the way through, but shows variety in songwriting abilities.

The solos by Frank Blackfire (ex-Kreator) are just technical and amazing all over the fretboard. Angeripper's voice doesn't sound like Schmier's on this one, it seemed more original than his, although not many thrash metal bands that I consider to be good on the vocals. Many exceptions, but as a whole, the intensity and quality reign in the music. However, I will detract and say that Angelripper just kicks ass and his voice on here sounds more like Dave Mustaine's via Megadeth. Though there are just similarities, but it's kind of coincidental. Some people favor Megadeth, but I've never been a huge fan of the band.

The originality on this album is so supreme and exasperating in quality, groove, intensity, variety, technicality and originality. Though I pointed out some similarities to other legend bands, Sodom just reigns supreme here and conquers, releasing their best album out of their entire discography. I'd conclude that it's better to purchase a newer CD because you get a bonus and it's not very expensive. We've explored the originality and amazing songwriting here, even though as a 3-piece, they still ripped your ears apart with their aggression and full obliteration of thrash metal imploded on this planet.

Those are my thoughts here, so in closing, I'd have to say that the scene in the higher 80's era seemed to be the best overall types of thrash metal invigorating albums that reign supreme with their intensity plus aggression galore. No song on this album is bad or uninteresting. All tracks deserve mention because they're all in intensity mixed with laying back grooves, but all in all, are aggressive as hell. This album is up there with Sepultura's "Beneath the Remains", Kreator's "Coma of Souls", Destruction's "Release From Agony", et al. If this is missing in your collection, evaluate and simply invest in it because it's much worth getting and deafening to the ears.