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Agent Thrash - 100%

Metal_1990, November 26th, 2017

Sodom's 3rd studio album Agent Orange contains a huge amount of memorable, catchy, and fun riffs. Riffs are the thing that define heavy metal (thrash in particular), and you need good riffs to have a good album. Sodom had this in spades going into the studio to record this gargantuan of a thrash album.

The music is much tighter than the rest of Sodom's discography up to this point. This album however, is my favorite Sodom album, and my personal zenith for the band, and 1989 for that matter. Each song sounds so different, yet they all fit together in one cohesive unit. An example of this would be the cover of Tank's Don't Walk Away. It sounds completely out of place when looking at all the tracks on the album, yet it kicks as much ass as the previous 8 tracks.

The production of the album is clear, yet still packs the necessary punch to make it a great album. Unlike their debut (Obsessed By Cruelty) I can actually understand what they are trying to play, and the message the band is conveying. Each track as typical to Sodom, is themed around warfare, the lyrics are a harsh, yet realistic depiction of war.

Every single song on this album has a memorable riff(s), chorus, or solo. There is a reason for me to enjoy each track on this release. Picking highlights, or a favorite track here is impossible, as every track is excellent. The drum performance by Chris Witchhunter is the best of his career, and one of the best of 1989. Even the bass on this album has some spotlights, such as the intro to the last track. The album draws me back every time, yet it never gets boring one bit.

So in retrospect, Sodom's third album Agent Orange is everything that a reasonable thrash metal fan would want, and much more. This is by far the best release of Sodom's career, and of the of the best releases of 1989 (and the decade for that matter). I can't put such a masterpiece into words.