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Great Thrash Metal - 98%

JunaidKhan, January 28th, 2006

This is not just one of my favourite Thrash Metal albums but one of the finest ever produced by this Genre. At the pinnacle of it's life, Sodom unleashed this masterpiece that would raise the bar for German and other Thrash Metal alike. I won't call this album revolutionary because it is, after all, based on a lot of Sodom's previous work as well as other influences of Sodom.

The albums starts off with perhaps two of the strongest tracks - Agent Orange and Remember the Fallen. Agent Orange starts off with a Thrashy guitar intro followed by some fast riffing and my God, what a solo. Remember the Fallen, on the other hand, makes use of clean vocals with a slightly paced rhythm but this track's killer nonetheless. The following tracks could have easily been over-shadowed by the openers but guess what? They're all about just as good.

Tracks such as Incest, Magic Dragon and Tired and Red are fast, unique and very catchy. The solos throughout this album are also very catchy, especially the first solo on Magic Dragon - they don't get any faster than that.

The drumming is 'controlled' but the rhythm is complex. The German-accent Blackish vocals just make this absolotely teriffic. A lot of metalheads I know love this album and there's no way that this is either mediocre or boring and if you think that 'Sodom has fallen victim ...", you need to quit listening to Thrash because this is Thrash in it's finest hour!