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Not their best, but definitely great album! - 84%

Human666, October 9th, 2007

'Agent Orange' doesn't offers any critical progress since 1987, but who the fuck cares?? These who expected to 'Persecution Mania' sequel, knew what they talk about. This is another heavy and aggressive album which is somehow complex (yet not ultra complex such as Kreator or Sabbat for instance) and quite consistent. This is a filler-less album, you won't push the stop button even once until it overs.

Something quite outstanding here is the dominant variation within the dynamics of the song structures. There are enough tempo changes and alternate time signatures here and there which gives this album a different flowing than their first album for instance. It isn't an album which is constantly devastating your ears ('Reign In Blood' kinda), the flowing here isn't bland and you can separate each part of the songs differently. However, even though that each song varies quite well, this album still has a sameish feeling because the songs themselves doesn't sounds much distinctive from each other.

The opener/title track open with floaty power chords striking and then
switching time signature and becomes mid paced. Not much later it rises up the tempo to fucking 210BPM and slays! The vocals are filthy and untamed, spits each vocal line with rage and following flawleslly the devastating riffage. The chorus is evil as hell and the riff sounds almost like pure black metal! Very intense opener, and the best of this album of course.

'Tired and Red' has a very chaotic intro and also nice clean interlude somewhere in the middle. The riffing is kind of generic but it still well executed and makes you headbang till blood. 'Remember The Fallen' is quite effective one, sounds like half rockish ballad and half like Sodom's ordinary thrashing, quite catchy riffing and chorus. Oh, there is also pretty nice leading guitar here and again some time signature changes. This is maybe the catchiest on this album. There is also a bonus cover track 'Don't Walk Away' which is pure speed metal and has quite good catchiness and a bit less aggressive vox. Other then that, all the tracks here are essential and nothing's wrong with them.

Overall, this is not a masterpiece nor a piece of crap as some people tend to say. This is another awesome album from 'Sodom' but it isn't their best one. 'Agent Orange' is a quality piece of thrash and very decent follower to 'Persecution Mania '. Worthy album.