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Agent Orange - The album that DOES burn! - 89%

High_On_Maiden, June 12th, 2004

This is a GREAT piece of thrash! The themes are strangely pacifist for such an aggressive style, but these – the lyrics and the artwork – are both done really effectively to complement the music. Clips of helicopter and aeroplane sound effects adds to this.

My favourite track is over and done with at the start – the title track. All of the first 6 tracks are pretty much equally great though. If you’re after a treasure chest of variety, perhaps look elsewhere, because admittedly a lot of these tracks are very similar at least in essence. There are several respites to the general style, like the more sing along Don’t Walk Away (a cover anyway, so not the best example) or the basically punk/hardcore Ausgebombt, which is a nice enough song for what it is, but pretty out of place in my opinion. Typically though, this is the song that got into the German charts, and not one of the more ripping tracks more representative of the album!

By lack of variety, I mean that virtually all tracks feature the token speedy drum blasting, even more speedy guitars, and usually a chugging thrash break. But who cares, these are what make the album so damn good! The sheer energy and aggression in the majority of the tracks is stunning, all powered along by the relentless drum work of Witchhunter and frantic guitaring of Blackfire. The vocals are harsh an

The sheer catchiness of this opus adds to this energy to boost its impact even more. Tracks like Remember The Fallen, but pretty much every track, are catchy while losing none of the downright thrash mania running throughout. Often you know the thrash breaks are coming, but headbanging is just irresistible, as they really know how to fuse the non-stop furiosity of the verses with completely perfect chugging interludes! Great stuff.

This is actually the only Sodom album I have at the moment, and I understand it’s one of their best. I can fully understand why as well, and one of the best thrash albums around I think.