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Yes, I'll take some Agent Orange! - 95%

Chopped_in_Half, December 13th, 2010

The year was 1989, and thrash metal was at it's peak, a lot of killer thrash albums came out that year, and this was one of them, in 1987, we saw Sodom go from pretty much a black/thrash band with 'Obsessed by Cruelty' to a technical thrash band with the follow up 'Persecution Mania' and this album takes Persecution Mania a step further, developing a more straight forward thrash metal sound, some could even say death/thrash if you want to be technical, but whatever genre you want to throw it in, whatever, what matters is, that this album smokes.

We start this monster thrash album with the title track which is none other than 'Agent Orange' which opens up with an excellent catchy mid-tempo riff, and boy, if you think that is impressive, wait until this song gets going and speeds up to about a 120 MPH, and the riffs are tight and precise, Angelripper comes in and sounds like someone who's smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day, and then we get to the break, which goes back to the mid-paced style, which is fucking awesome and will be stuck in your head, follow that with a shredding solo, yes, this album starts quite awesome, and the next track 'Tired and Red' shows no signs of letting up, starting right off with those fast thrashy as hell riffs, quite a death/thrash sound on this album, awesome chorus, and man, the middle break just owns you, it will make you want to stage dive out your window or something to that effect, it starts with a beautiful classical guitar moment, and then, bang, that mid-paced catchy as ALL hell riff comes in and just dominates, trust me, you will know when this moment comes, throw another excellent solo underneath all that, we have another kick ass song here.

'Incest' is more of the same from this album, and while it is quite good, there's really nothing much to say about it, so I will skip down to 'Remember the Fallen' now this takes the album in a different direction, while the first 3 songs are brutal death/thrash, this song here, is pure melodic thrash, with excellent leads and hooks all the way throughout, another thing different here than on the rest of the album is Angelripper's vocals, he uses clean vocals on this track, and you know what? IT WORKS, this song is catchy and interesting, nice variety guys, 'Magic Dragon' comes next and smokes us with getting back to the aggressive side of the album opening up with the sound of airplanes flying overhead, and then a riff comes in that just beckons headbanging, this song is mostly mid-paced, but again, Sodom throw change ups at you, and speed it up throughout, it moves nicely back and forth between tempos, and another solo that is jaw dropping, another excellent song here folks, 'Exhibition Bout' comes next and keeps things thrashing, moving at a nice fast past, really catchy verses and chorus here, not much else to say about it, just another day, another great Sodom song.

I'm going to skip down to the closer of the album which is 'Baptism of Fire' which closes the album off in a total thrashing manner, opening with catchy drum fills before moving into a fast as fuck thrasher, with more excellent riffs about, and boy do I love the chorus here as well, especially those riot vocals, VERY interesting and catchy, you will be singing this for days in your head, heck, you might as well throw in another killer solo, because it is, Sodom really made a mark with this album, showing that they could thrash with the best of them on most of the tracks, but also showing that could be a bit different too with tracks such as Remember the Fallen and Ausgebombt, so really, there is something here for every fan, final words, excellent album that would propel Sodom to make more great albums after this, and they did, so listen to this, this will put you in the war!