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The last of the EP overindulgences - 30%

autothrall, February 11th, 2011

Aber bitte mit Sahne is yet another in a series of Sodom EPs that were released much to the (presumed) jubilance of their fan base, pockets and record label. The centerpiece here is the cover of the title track, a famous hit by the Austrian pop legend Udo Jürgens. It's not really a shock that Sodom choose to put their stamp on such a tune, because Angelripper and his posse have always had a flair for the fun and ironic. Why, he even created an entire side band based on the principle. Well, "Aber bitte mit Sahne" is a pretty dull choice, even with Tom's aggressive vocals slathered all over it, and I enjoyed it little more than the disposable Bryan Adams cover on The Saw is the Law compilation.

But the rest of this EP does not fare much better. You get an 'early warning' of "Sodomized" from the band's Get What You Deserve album, issued the following year. It's a thumping rager with attitude, like most of that full-length, with simple thrash riffing alongside the thickest, most destructive bass tone the band has ever used. "Abuse" is a very punk/hardcore sort of track, under 2 minutes long, with predictable and uninteresting chord progressions, and nothing that holds it together outside of the sheer propulsion that Sodom is playing it. Lastly, there's an update to "Skinned Alive" which is not really necessary, since we just got that song the year before and it was fine where it originated. But I guess they liked it enough to bring it up to the cantankerous, savage thrusting of Get What You Deserve.

The only thing of note is that this was the first recording with Atomic Steiff taking over the drums for Witchhunter. The end of a legacy, for Chris had been with the band since 1981. Steiff is no slouch, having played with Holy Moses, Living Death and Violent Force, so he brings to bear a fresh energy that makes a lot of sense for the next few albums. But it's hardly a reason to acquire this EP. The best songs are available on the surrounding full-lengths, in superior company than the bland Jürgens cover.


Not bad, but unnecessary - 65%

MikeyC, November 20th, 2010

Here’s a little EP that Sodom must’ve thought was a bit of fun. Aber Bitte Mit Sahne, which translates to “with cream, please,” is a 10-minute collection of 4 songs that are basically just different things shoved together.

The title track “Aber Bitte Mit Sahne” is the main track here, and it’s a cover from some guy named Udo Jurgens, whom I’ve never heard of. This is definitely not a thrash song, but more of a pop-metal song that may have been popular in Germany. I’m not familiar with the original, so I’m not sure if it’s been “metalled” up for the purposes of the band, but it’s nonetheless quite a catchy number. It’s got a little bit of female backing vocals (basically just repeating the title) and some “uh-huh-huh! Oh yeah!” sounds that sound quite comedic to me. All in all, a fun song that you could probably play at parties if it’s a little dull and you’re all after a laugh or something to break the ice.

Next is “Sodomized,” which can be found on their next album Get What You Deserve. A pretty good song, but it works better in the context of that album. Production here, however, is a bit lighter.

After that is “Abuse,” which appears to be a new song (I couldn’t find it anywhere in their catalogue, but I may be wrong). Basically it’s similar in style, length, and aggressiveness as “Sodomized,” so it wouldn’t have felt out of place on Get What You Deserve. Again, not a bad song.

Ending the EP is “Skinned Alive ’93.” This is a song found on their 1991 monster Tapping The Vein. Much like “Sodomized,” the production here is not quite as punishing as on the album, which is a pity, but I still think it sounds good. I prefer the album cut, though.

One thing I did notice on this EP is that each track is a little faster than the previous one. Whether or not that was intentional is unknown, but it’s one thing that works.

Aber Bitte Mit Sahne, while being a fun EP, isn’t essential at all in comparison to what Sodom have released. The title track is fun, but that’s about all you’d need this for. Download it somewhere and you’ve basically got the EP. This is good for the die-hard Sodom fans, but for everyone else, stick to the full-lengths.