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Total Fucking Metal Ownage! - 90%

northernlegion, February 23rd, 2007

This new Sodom line up works well, after all it's now 2007 and it hasn't changed since '96, which in Sodom terms is pretty impressive.

I will admit that whilst Sodom are my favourite thrash act, they aren't always the best song writers. Several of their albums that show great potential are let down by sloppy half arsed riffing and incosistent style changes. Not so here though. The writting here is even tighter than on Agent Orange. This release finds a re-invigorated Sodom exploring several different styles that have influenced them over the years: From the brutal early nineties material to the head banging straight up thrash and occasionaly punkish material of the eighties era as well as Venom and Motorhead. But whilst this may sound like a recipe for another inconsistent sleepathon, thanks to the great new guitarist and drummer and a decent production job that just aint the case.

Ok so enough of the politics, onto the actual music: You may see the word "Punk" crop up from time to time in reviews for this album, don't panic it really works. Most of the songs on this record barely break the three minute mark, and they're all crammed full with energy and attitiude not felt since the passionate screams of "Remember the Fallen!!!". The new guitarist; Bernemann, plays like he has something to prove to the world. Catchy chugging breaks and furious tremolo picking sit quite comfortably alongside the simple chords of punkish riffs in most songs and every solo is actually memorable for a change. And whilst the punk riffs do crop up from time to time they don't over-power the songs or destroy all the brutallity that is built up, neither do they dominate any one song.

Tom's filthy bass lines are really high up in the mix and so are his heavilly accented rasps and growls. The bass in a three piece band like this is very important to really give the music depth, cos it sure as hell ain't the lyrics (hence not 100%). Gone are the days of lines like "why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?" and hello unsubtle "Fuck the Police" ramblings, I fucking love it. Just don't expect any passionate anti-war lyrics here, actually I can't remember any wars that were on at the time anyway.

Every song here is memorable and great for head banging to, even the last almost party anthem-esque "Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star". No Sodom fan should be without this album. Ok so it hardly plumbs the depths of human emotion like they tried to on previous albums but its still a great slab of thrash metal. Don't be affraid to check this album out because of all the dfferent styles mixed in, its very well put together, you won't regret it.