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This album is a lost classic... - 100%

Snxke, April 17th, 2004

This crisply (and I mean crisply) produced piece of hammer-thrash is an amazingly underrated hook-fest from Tom Angelripper and co. The songs all bear wonderfully memorable refrains, hammering riffs and an energy/fun not heard in any thrash band for years. From the menacing title track to the gunfire riffage of "Fuck the Police" and even the odd Megadeth on steriods styled "Seeds of Dischord" this record is killer.

One of the benefits is the bassy, beefy mix that allows the music to sound thick while the guitars slice and dice through speedy (yet not so fast that any of them sound blurry) riffs that will stick on your mind like fresh penut butter. This record, in my opinion, is that good.

You have Ramones-on-steriods punk such as "Polytoximaniac", grinding Motorhead styled riffs in "Gisela" and angry death-thrash in the pounding "No Way Out". Angelripper himself is in fine form, bellowing his suprisingly well-written lyrics to shocking catchy music tracks that borrow from the best rock and roll hook-craft.

This might not be your dads Sodom, but this Sodom is a Sodom with heft, hook, skill and speed that will leave you singing along for hours.