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Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands - 89%

IxI_KILLING, August 22nd, 2011

Throughout my life I've only been able to find a handful of things that I dislike doing, can't do or just find hard as hell to do. Among those things is reviewing records that are splits. It's sort of like two reviews mashed into one but not as long. With splits, I can't really say that I hit all the spots I want to but the essentials are most definitely covered from head to toe with full detail. That being said, say hello to The Moon Mistress & Snakerider's 2011 split via Pestis Insaniae Records, "Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands".

While both bands might both play very similar styles of doom and stoner metal, The Moon Mistress incorporate a more psychedelic vibe to the two tracks they offer on the split. The Moon Mistress does a phenomenal job at keeping the attention of the listener with it's echoed vocals and blistering riffs in which they seem to have been recorded in a distant forest of some sort while they worshiped some unholy priest. "VVitches", yes that is two capital V's and not a W, might be the shorter track on this side of the split but to me, it really shows me what these guys can do in only a six minute time frame. The fact that I felt like I was being chases by some serial killer in the deep woods of Oregon wasn't enough I also felt that if I turned around for a split second he could literally be right behind me to stab me to death, that alone put me in the perfect mood to dig what these guys are doing. The Moon Mistress really did effect, even impact my train of thought and made me think of different scenarios, that's what I look for in records. Plus, with this debut split being as attractive as it is visually along with the way it pushes my ears to be diagnose the twisted fantasies I may have while listening to a record. I'm really excited to see what The Moon Mistress has to offer in going into the next couple years.

From the haunting streets of Russia to the vast wasteland of the Ukraine, we move over to the Snakerider side of the split. With the majority of the tracks on this split being from Snakerider, four actually, you might get a better sense of Snakerider but does that mean you'll enjoy it more? Although Snakerider has a less grimy, more upbeat doom/stoner feel to their side of the split, but that doesn't mean it can be overshadowed or even consumed by what The Moon Mistress has to offer. Snakerider really does stand on its own on this split. "In Her Eyes", the fourth track, might be only a little under three minutes in length but the pure vulture like impact you get from it makes you appreciate this side of "Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands" a lot more than you would if this track wasn't present. If I had to describe Snakerider's side of the split, it would pretty much impossible but since it is me and I'm just that good, I feel like I can do it, to an extent. Imagine a town that was so ran down and empty, human life itself was not even 0.001% possible of finding. As you search the streets for a sign of life, beggars and feeders storm you with baseball bats and large machetes. The end isn't good and you find yourself rotting under the heat of the sun that laughs at you while it burns your skin. Yeah, that is pretty much it, that's pretty much the Snakerider side of this split summed up.

So, what do you get with this split? You get a mixture of being chased in the woods from a serial killer and very strong motions of biological warfare that only consists of four guys beating each human in the head with a spiked baseball bat. You get eastern Europe doom/stoner metal on a scale so large and heavy that it could make hundreds of women climax at the exact same time. Just think, if you could stick hundreds of naked females in a room and told them to stay in place where they stand, turn on this split over thirty or so huge amps, you would have every single female convulsing and begging you to turn it up louder. Yes, "Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands" is that powerful and that real. Don't believe me? Download it from the link below. Just don't run to me asking me why your head exploded from the heaviness because I won't be able to help you.

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