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Good Album With Better Potential - 81%

cookiecutter, October 21st, 2006

Smashed Face are a relatively new band that make their home in the Czech Republic. Being a fan of their countrymen Godless Truth and Destroying Divinity I decided to check them out. So I quickly ordered up Virulent Procreation and waited for it to arrive.

My first thought upon listening to the album was that it reminded me a lot of Godless Truth. The vocals were a mix up of a gruff death growl and guttural inhale vocals, similar to those performed by Zdenek of the aforementioned Godless Truth. The guitars were groovy and the drums were nicely mixed and full of double bass, although nothing too spectacular.

What set Smashed Face apart from their more famous countrymen was that each song, along with the groovy slam riffs common in this style of metal, had a catchy backbone riff, which brought to mind death metal greats Malevolent Creation. This made each song memorable and added to the dynamics. The only criticism here is that in some songs, they rely on this backbone riff too much, leading to boredom. As for the slam parts they were good but average, lacking the crushing power of genre greats such as Devourment.

All in all Virulent Procreation is a worthwhile and interesting pickup for fans of brutal death, and especially fans of Godless Truth. This album had a lot of good points and if the band works on improving where they are only mediocre, Smashed Face could become a force to be reckoned with.