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Melodic Doom At It's Finest! - 100%

SodomyAndLust, June 22nd, 2004

This is one of the most, sad sounding albums I’ve ever come across. There are a lot of elements Slumber uses to create this. Use of keyboards and many effects and even a little use of female vocals. For the most part, the vocals are growled. The band they remind me most of is probably Katatonia. The influence is very apparent in this music, especially note the songs “Fallout” and “Distress”. Every track on this album, In my opinion Is good. But if you cannot look past keyboards (since there is a lot of keyboard use here) and occasional female vocals then this is not for you. If you appreciate melodic doom metal or looking for something sad (yet brilliant) or are a fan of anything like Katatonia, I urge you check this out immediately. You will not be disappointed.

The reason I gave this album 100%, Is because it makes the perfect atmosphere of sadness. Every element used is executed to perfection. I really hope for and look forward to Slumber’s next release.

Highlights: Although every song on this album is damn good, my personal favorites are “Conflict” and “Distress”.