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Where Did This Come From? - 92%

OzzyApu, October 23rd, 2009

Daylight Dies borrowed a bit from this band, but maybe I’m just saying that to comfort myself since I just finished listening to one of their songs. Slumber, releasing this in 2004, figured they’d take doom / death to greater heights by juicing the atmosphere and harmonizing THE FUCK out of the leads. Fallout revolves solely around these leads, and since every moment of their audio existence sounds blissful, romantic, and eternally enchanting without becoming repetitive, I want another album by these guys and I want it now!

The vocals are standard for the genre; typical roaring growls that don’t pack a punch like Novembers Doom, but still beastly enough. The music itself is more hauntingly magical, so it’s a great contrast while the guitars and bass rupture the earth. You thought Rapture (the Finnish one) were the kings of harmonized doom metal? Well, Slumber pretty much picked up the sport by the time Rapture was passing out their crown.

For sure there’s a large emphasis on the keyboards, which play a melody to drive the songs into a more spiritual, otherworldly atmosphere, but it’s easily the harmonized leads that transcend the music beyond any human level. They’re so melodic and catchy, crisp and flailing with grace while the riffs crushes with a beastly rhythm guitar tone. This album provides the best of both departments, and the solos themselves are also very invigorating, something I haven’t heard with such fervor since Rapture’s debut, Futile.

Production as a whole is extremely clear, clean, and polished without sounding overtly modern like many bands in the > underground department. The album benefits from the crunchy production, with even the bass grumbling heavily alongside the curbstomping riff and lead. In this respect, the vocals are probably the ones a bit caught under the mix, but I’d rather not even bitch about that since the experience as a whole it what keeps me coming back. The drumming itself is deafening, with the double bass like meteorites crashing outside your house – you’re going to feel them as much as you’re going to hear them. The crashing cymbals sound superb and the toms have an extra echo to them without the hollow sound, and I’m all about that. There’s hefty use of double bass, and the usual pattern just includes the whole thing laying down suppressing fire.

The best track to bear these traits has to be “Distress,” which coincidentally was the first track I heard from this band. You hear that dreary but hopeful lead kick-off the song and you know you’re in for treat. It gallops forward in a depressing, shining glimpse of light that you can’t help but shiver in – very chilling stuff dripping with emotion.

If you’re a doom / death fan, then you must, must, must have this album. It’s not even a question, consideration, or option – this must be in your library. It’s a fantastic blend of harmony and doom that surpasses most of the bands in the department while you beg for more. Go and fetch this masterpiece and join in on the fun!