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Absolutely A Thing Of Beauty - 100%

Insomnia_Inc, December 24th, 2004

Always nice to see something like this, a band releases older demo material, all nice and re-recorded as a debut album enabling those who never heard of said band to actually FIND the dammed thing. Slumber was brought to my attention a year or so back when I actually managed to acquire a copy of their 2003 demo Seclusion .

Since that day it has pretty much been a permanent resident of my cd player, “Fallout” is Seclusion + Dreamscape (their 2002 debut demo), and 1 new song called “Fallout”, so you can imagine how happy I was to hear that first this happened, and second they were recently signed to Karmageddon Media, so it wouldn’t be such an epic quest to find the dammed thing.

There are sections within the music that are just so heavy they can only be described as beautiful, not in the “fuckin heavy *flips the horns*” sense but in how the haunting guitarmonies and flowing melodies are mixed with a fairly aggressive drum and bass section. It’s creates something that resembles a heavier Rapture or Katatonia.

“Fallout” is probably the most emotional record I’ve heard in years, there were moments I couldn’t help but close my eyes and let the sensations the music created wash over me, it is so easy to lose yourself in this album, not only is it easy, it’s encouraged, you simply must hear this.