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Genius - 85%

DrSeuss, March 14th, 2008

Majestic, desolate, crushing, yet surprisingly energetic. That's what Slumber's Fallout is all about. This great and inspiring release is for fans of Swallow The Sun, Katatonia, and Daylight Dies. This band does differ from their peers for the fact that they are a very diverse and sad, yet are able to be more upbeat in certain instances. The mix is very well done and every instrument can be heard clearly and all have a good presence where they are needed. More Goth Rock infused then most other Death/Doom acts out there. This band adds atmosphere with a wide use of keyboards, which for a person like me is almost definitely a turn off, but this band does it VERY well. They're not too in the forefront of things and tend to take a backseat to the guitars and add a great deal of diversity to the song writing of this album.

The guitars on this album have two different roles, one is to create a wide array of melodies and harmonies that at the core of this release create the atmosphere of sorrow and desolation. There are a lot of solos and harmonies on this release that just add more fullness to the writing on this album. The other role is to add a very crushing sound as the backbone of these guitar melodies, sometimes the guitars do take a backseat to the keyboards in which case the guitars are doing a more rhythmn oriented 'chug'. The bass guitar on this album is absolutely fantastic, just another plus to add to this band because of the fact that the bass player branches out and writes some very cool bass lines and fills that add a lot of texture to the music without sounding forced at all.

This album is predominately growled by an excellent vocalist Siavosh Bigonah. His vocals are deep and full sounding and fit the music excellently. The growls are very consistent and are a Death Metal oriented style. He has some range to his voice, but nothing too high in range, where he does do some very deep gutturals to some almost shouted gruff vocals that one could see being in a Sludge release. They defnitely have a lot of feeling and force to them, a very good vocal performance. There are also some added female choruses here and there, but they're not too in the forefront and are very fitting in the music. The drums are also very solid and give most of the music its energy. They have a lot of Goth Rock tendencies and as one would expect with a Doom release, some very crushing battle drum sounding parts. A very good drummer that keeps you interested most of the time with a lot of double bass. Overall an excellent first release by Doomsters Slumber, beautiful and crushing, I defnitely recommend checking this band out if you're a fan of Doom, Melodic Death, Goth Metal, and Death/Doom.

Edited 5/28: I determined that the original score was too high.