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Decent split - 87%

Vega360, September 24th, 2007

The only reason I bought this was solely for the Slough Feg tracks, seeing as this split was more around the Atavism era and I wish to sample it before spending money on the full length. I have never herd of Bible of the Devil or Threat Records, so I got to experience a little something new as well.

Slough Feg

“Poisoned Treasures” sounds a lot like some of the stuff on Down Among the Deadmen; the riffs still have the traditional Slough Feg feel, and the drumming is solid. The vocals are hindered a little by the production, Scalzi sounds as if he is in another room for some of the vocal lines. Bass and Drums are muffled as well, but you can still get the general Slough Feg feel. The Thin Lizzy cover is cool, but I haven’t herd the original so saying anything beyond it showing Slough Feg’s versatility when it comes to music, really wouldn’t be right. Final Score: 90%

Bible of the Devil

These guys sound like a light version of Sabbat (the Japanese one). The riffs are thrashy and the song sometimes heads into crossover territories. Drums sound simple and the bass is almost nonexistent. The vocals sound annoying at first but eventually you get used to them. Final Score: 85%

Overall this split (like most 7” releases) is only for diehards, or for people looking for an introduction to Slough Feg and maybe Bible of the Devil (I have non idea if there half sounds like there other material).