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Sigh (and I Ain't Referring to Japanese Black Metal) - 0%

Cat III, June 6th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

With how many (literally thousands so far) releases Sloth, aka Dom Kaveliski, uploads to Bandcamp, it makes one wonder if buried within the dungheap are any, well, gems would be too optimistic, so let's say trinkets. You know, a track that might not be good, but at least shows a modicum of effort put into it, some creativity, something, anything. No way am I gonna trawl through lots of tracks, let alone all of them, but as a lark, might as well pick one on occasion and see if I get lucky. I was going to listen to one titled similarly to this one because of the fat booty on front, but since in the corner of this one, Dom is wearing a Severed Survival tee, I chose the honey with perky nips and a cameltoe. Stick my quarter in the toy capsule machine and I get… a turd! Like Sloth's swarm of releases since Dom quit giving a shit, “Enough!!!! It's 12~26~19 & I Grow Weary of Your Sexually~Suggestive Posturing. J~K!! Keep Doing It!!” holds a single drone for its entirety. A little texture; that's it. I listened to a minute of that other single I linked to, and the tone is slightly different so his singles aren't exactly identical. At this point, it's not worth getting angry about Sloth. Maybe next time I'll get something good. I understand if you don't even bother.