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Who is Dominic Joseph Kaveliski? - 20%

MutantClannfear, December 10th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

I settled on this particular Sloth release by scrolling down the Bandcamp page to a random point in their discography. It doesn't matter which one I chose. It could have been any of the releases.

Obviously the music is nothing remarkable. It is a harsh noise wall with no dynamics for six minutes straight. Honestly, it's not as bad as it could be. I've heard noise that's not only monotonous but also very shrill, and this isn't painful to listen to. It provides a sense of looming dread, even if that feeling is completely unwavering over the course of the track and therefore, to some degree, pointless. Sloth's formula could probably be improved if some treble textures were mixed in with the noise, and the abrupt end to the song is somewhat lacking, but what do I know? Probably nothing. Still, I've heard worse. This is still mostly devoid of value, but it could be worse. I think that's all you can say about the music. Let's talk about the man himself.

Throughout the years I've been aware of Sloth, my responses have wavered from anger to disgust to curiosity. I'm still pretty disgusted at the creepshots, but certainly most people have to be wondering on some level, "Who the fuck is this guy?" I wondered the same thing, especially after reading a review taking a psychoanalytic approach to the cover art. I decided to go a step further: field research. If you dare, I invite you to check out Mr. Sloth's Facebook page with me here. And lest I be accused of stalking, I will preface this by saying that this is linked on the Metal Archives page and he openly associates with Sloth through public posts on his Facebook page, so this is the fairest of game.

Some highlights as of the publishing date:

  • We may observe here that Dominic has a tattoo of his own band's logo on his arm. This is a surefire indicator that a person is a big fat nerd and not to be let into your home or social circle. He is also a legitimate fan of French HNW act Vomir, and seems to own two or three shirts by the band which he wears several days in a row. In public at the same locations several days in a row, at that. So there is evidence, at least, that he actually enjoys music that sounds like the music he himself produces.

  • Related to the previous image, he is a big fan of bowling and has posted several pictures of his bowling scores over the past few months. At least one Sloth album art features a photo of a bowling score reposted from his Facebook page. I lack the context to know if this has always been a pastime of his. Perhaps he only picks up hobbies for a month or two at a time before getting bored. (UPDATE: After looking back, the bowling scores are quite good. He seems to be able to consistently score above 200, with strikes and spares forming the majority of his games. He has indeed probably been doing this for a while, but only started uploading pictures to Facebook recently.)

  • He types exactly the same on his Facebook, in conversations with regular people who do not wear the same Vomir shirt day after day, as in the titles of Sloth releases. See for example here. This is actually somewhat of a relief, as I was somewhat convinced that the strange capitalization/double exclamation points/etc. were purely to annoy people who stumbled across the band page. Now I'm led to believe he's just one of those awkward old people who didn't grow up around technology and doesn't know how to tactfully communicate via text.

  • For the brave of heart (and those not at work), this image (NSFW) seems to reflect that the sexual nature of Sloth's music is somewhat legitimate and reaffirms demonomania's assessment that he likely has a pathological addiction to sex. We clearly see a naked woman willing to pose with Dominic as he holds up a Sloth tape in a strange act of self-promotion. It is hard to gauge from the context of the photo whether the sexual interaction that took place here was paid for or not. I suppose there is a certain class of people who would sleep with you if you told them that you've released a new shitty song every day for years on end.

  • Sloth has 270 likes on Facebook, about one like for every 6 Sloth releases. Clearly fame (or infamy) is not the driver of this man's output. Also, Dominic love-reacts each and every one of his own posts on the page.

  • As with the Sloth cover art, there is evidence that Dominic thinks he is much funnier than he actually is. See here, where he unleashes the weakest, most niche pun upon an audience of uncaring people whom he presumably has to interact with in real life.

  • The Sloth Facebook page constantly reposts vegan memes to an interested audience of approximately 3. It seems this, as with the noise shitposting, requires no outside validation for Dominic to keep posting; he seems intrinsically motivated, wherever that motivation may lie.

  • Public records indicate that Dominic's father, who has the same name, died this year on August 15th. The next Sloth release after the day of his death? I <3 2 Fart. Dominic's familial relationships may warrant further investigation.

At this point, believing that it's one big self-deprecating troll joke defies Occam's razor. My final assessment is that Dominic Kaveliski is simply your typical noise fan no-life. I'd imagine many noise fans/musicians who haven't ODed on heroin by the age of 30 end up like this - weird to some degree, either in the "I release one HNW single a day" sense or "I run a bestiality magazine" sense or "I smear my tapes in my own excrement" sense. They are isolated, somewhat deluded beings with sociopathic tendencies who either do not understand or do not care how their actions will be received by others. I'm much more convinced now that Sloth is simply Dominic's equivalent of a diary, a mirror that he screams into every morning to reassure himself that he is an artist and therefore worth something. I doubt his para-autobiographical career as a musician will be remembered as fondly as, say, Henry Darger, but as long as he is somehow ascribing value to his meaningless life, I suppose he would say it is worth the thousands of hours he has wasted on Sloth at this point.

If you read this, Dominic, and you would like to add to my memoir of you, feel free to PM me on the forums.