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Slob > Deepwoods Shack of Sodomy > Reviews > Beyondthecemetary666
Slob - Deepwoods Shack of Sodomy

Great Concept......Excruciating Execution - 20%

Beyondthecemetary666, November 20th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Comatose Music

I picked this record up based on John Zig's phenomenal artwork, and the concept behind the record - a Brutal Death metal album made in the very bowels of a backwoods bayou swamp (Though really a nice spot in the UK).

The most obvious and blatant reference point would be Mortician but that's just in terms of the format, samples, and aesthetic. Indeed, strap yourself in for some lengthy and unnecessarily long intros (More on that later) however the music itself is much more direct than Mortician and the like, certainly less dense and the tunings not quite so low. When the tracks kick in the riffs recall a more classic approach in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and so forth. I must commend them on the production, great clarity, and great separation of instruments. Ultimately a lot of the riffs are quite memorable with the songs themselves being quite tight and punchy, there's subtle use of harmony here and there too which again recalls the classic scene of the early 90s. The drums are programmed but they pleasantly surprised me with a decent amount of creativity in the patterns and quite a natural tone as far as these things go, the untrained ear may even mistake them for a live performance.

Make no mistake though, this record is a disappointment and is littered with fatal flaws, and despite its short nature the album is an excruciating listen that warrants little in the way of repeat listening.

It has to be pointed out before we get going that the band has been in existence for 10 years almost and this is their first release so with 7 tracks with total running time of 30 minutes, we're already being short changed depending on your taste for this kind of thing.

So, on to the flaws. The samples. Jesus Christ they are painful, the intro is a complete waste of running time. It's practically the entire rape scene from Deliverance. It's two minutes long!!! A snippet would've done to set the tone/scene. It's completely juvenile, I can't imagine anyone in their right mind enjoying it every time they throw the record on. I think this element could really be done better, ambient swamp sounds, the sound of a pickup driving through the swamp, animal noises, heavy objects being moved about would've created a far better atmosphere. Elsewhere there's a similar sample from I Spit on Your Grave (Great movie, but again don't want to hear a two minute sample of a rape on a death metal record every time I listen) And the last track - Pitchfork Puncture Wounds ends with another lengthy piece of drivel about pigs. The samples must take up about 40% of the running time. Crazy for such a short record.

The music though, does hit home. As I said earlier the tracks are mostly short tight and punchy, decent use of harmony on occasion, in fact the last track Pitchfork Puncture Wounds has the best of what Slob have to offer, it's got the slams, the guttural vocals, harmonies and some very clever bass/drum interplay. Leaves you wishing there was more of that. Overall, there's a reasonable level of creativity between the tracks though they can get bogged (Excuse the pun) down in mindless chugging that doesn't really go anywhere. That's the frustrating thing, they have it in them, and just when you're worn out from it something killer happens. The title track is a case in point with some great whammy bar heavy lead appearing straight off the bat, think Slayer or something from Cannibal Corpses Butchered at Birth and you're on the right track.

Lyrically it's complete tunnel vision - Sodomy and Rape. Three of the seven titles refer to the act. Very childish, sends the whole thing into cringe territory. It really is a shame, they've come up with such a cool concept but the whole thing just comes across as being half baked, like they had some cool enough tunes but forgot to follow through on everything else, there's so many other aspects to their concept that could've been explored.

I do think they've got a better record in them and despite the low score were they to put something out again I'd be willing to give it another shot. I just hope it doesn't take another decade for the next batch to materialise from the swamps.