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By the book stoner metal.... - 85%

erickg13, October 7th, 2007

Upon the breakup of Kyuss, John Garcia formed Slo Burn, and while they only released one EP, it is one of the better examples of stoner metal. From its thick grooves to its fuzzy production, this is what stoner metal is all about.

Despite being a great example of the genre, it really only has one feature that stands out, John Garcia’s voice. Everything else sounds like the run of the mill instrumentation, which provides what is needed, but does little more. And while no one would blame you for thinking this is a Kyuss EP, it is heavier in many aspects than Kyuss.

The best song on “Amusing the Amazing” is by far “Pilot the Dune”. It has a thick groove that grabs you right from the start and just won’t let go. However, the album is fairly even throughout, with no major potholes.

Overall, I would have to recommend this to any fan of Kyuss, as it closely resembles something they would have made.