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High-quality stoner metal - 70%

Corimngul, December 22nd, 2004

This is as far as I know Slo Burn’s only release. Amusing The Amazing is an EP that beats most stoner metal in most aspects. This could almost be labelled as slow-paced technical stoner metal. John Garcia, probably the best-known voice in the stoner metal genre, better known for his time in Kyuss, displays his amazing vocals. Chris Hale does wonderful things with his guitar. I haven’t heard such a massive riffage attack before, except from some technical thrash, speed and heavy metal bands. And he does it alone. The bassist doesn’t distinguish himself, but does a good job. Brady Houghton, another unknown name, operates the drums excellently. You’ll have a hard time finding a full-length with more tempos and rhythms than he manages to do in 15 minutes.

The songs are varied and Slo Burn avoids doing a mistake that many stoner bands though. Slo Burn isn’t repetitive. Slo Burn’s songs distinguish themselves. While these four songs are of excellent quality, the production isn’t top-notch. Even if everything is equally apparent, there is a raw buzz that we would have been better without.