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Hate wears blue - 90%

overkill666, August 3rd, 2009

Holy moses! It’s Slipknot on the Archives! What an abomination. Oh..wait..1980? Ah, well this is certainly not the infamous Slipknot we all know and despise. Actually, I should note that this Slipknot needs more attention because they’re really cool.

Slipknot is an interesting band. It’s very raw, under produced thrash metal with a crossover edge. I’d compare it to D.R.I., but more intense. Say, if D.R.I. and Stormtroopers of Death had a baby, it would be this Slipknot. I hope that makes sense in the long run. The riff work is very simple (normal for a lot of crossover/early thrash), but it contains that crunchy tone. I wish more thrash bands had that raw, cutting edge to their guitar sound. You won’t find shred guitar solos and such, but you’ll find a lot of solid, chugging riffs to headbang to. This band has the sound of their era, I wish they hadn’t burned out so fast. Aside from the main guitar, the bass is ultra thick, but poppy sounding when it decides to pop through the mosh of sounds. It adds that extra juicy crunch to the overall sound. Lastly, the vocal work is something worth talking about. The vocals were extra heavy for this era, even for the hardcore punk bands. The vocal work is at the intensity of Pay Lind from Morbid Saint, but just executed in a different way. Again, a bastard vocalist child from S.O.D. and D.R.I., who happens to sound like a crossover Pat Lind. My example is probably out on a limb, but for now it makes perfect sense to me and that’s all that matters.

Slipknot is one of those bands that could’ve been very well known to us today, if it weren’t for such a short career in the musical scene. These guys could’ve been up there with the more brutal side of thrash metal (Kreator, etc). I could see them on bills and big tours, though sadly this won’t happen. This EP would appeal to many genre followers, such as hardcore punk, crossover, thrash metal, and maybe even crust. I think a Discharge fan would enjoy Slipknot. All in all, this is worth searching up. It may contain short songs, but it’s a lot of fun,

Thrash/Crossover Intensity - 84%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 3rd, 2008

These Slipknot, and not the famous nu-metal band, are a piece of forgotten furious crossover/thrash metal. They only released an EP, this one, made of six tracks of up tempo parts, hyper fast riffs and brutal vocals. Yes, the vocals are far heavier and more screamed than the ones by lots of groups doing this genre and they are heavily influenced by thrash metal. Also looking at the year, they were inspired by all the thrash/punk/hardcore movement.

It’s difficult to choose a stand out track here because it’s all about speed and violence. Already from the opener they have no mercy for our ears and thanks to a very direct refrain and fast riffs we can understand the situation. Also the following songs don’t change in speed and impact. The mid tempo sections are really few, like in “Condemned” but in general they least just for few seconds.

The production is quite raw but nice and dirty, quite good for this genre. The vocals anyway are a bit too loud compared to the guitars and the drums, this one a bit hidden behind the singing parts. “World Leader” is another kick in the face for intensity, even during the few mid-paced parts. Violent. The doomy beginning to “Hate In Blue” is strange and the song is fast during the refrain. The last track “No.9” is again total speed with good Slayer oriented riffage.

All in all, this is a truly violent EP, recommended for every thrash/speed/hardcore fan. It’s not simply crossover in my opinion.