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Mournful... - 80%

SouthernPride, May 10th, 2005

One of the most promising Italian acts of the new generation hails from Volterra, Tuscany. Those of you thinking about Italy as the Sunny Land or something like that should give a listen to the mournful sound of Sleeping Village and, probably, would change idea. Walking the path of Depressive Black/Doom, Mortifer, the mastermind behind this one-man project, develops obscure, haunted chants which will bring you to the last breath of life. No lights, no sun, no bullshit. This is the beast in the cellar from down under screaming for solitude and sadness. In this second full length, “Mourning persists”, the sound is very thick and deep at the same time with raw, sharp guitars, cavernous bass-sound and relentless screaming. Through “Mourning persists” you can listen to a variety of influences that go from Carpathian Forest of the early demos (listen to “Cry Liberator”) to Shining (in the fast parts, not many to say the truth) to the caustic Abruptum sound of the first album, but with real song structures. There are also some interesting atmospheric interludes. Don’t think to Sleeping Village as the usual derivative Italian project with Swedish sound. Mortifer has the potential to develop his own personality and probably we’ll have some surprises while listening to his future works. In the meantime, wear a black drape, switch off the lights of your room and listen to “Mournful persists”. And, of course, keep razors away.